The Drood Report

Nick Fry is a jerk.

About this site

I was writing online about Formula One way back in 1997. A piece originally called “The Drood Report”. I took a year off after burning out writing about a sport I was finding increasingly tedious. I was then hired by a company whose name I have long forgotten to write about the sport. They changed their focus and, inexplicably, went to medical only content, and my site was reborn being run by a “friend”. Well there was a disagreement, he deleted the site without warning (meaning I lost a hell of a lot of work I didn’t have backed up) and he has never spoken to me since. I’m not making that mistake again. After two years off I have a lot of anger to vent about this wonderful and idiotic sport. Comments are encouraged, and I welcome mature, reasoned debate. All comments are moderated, so don’t be an arse or they won’t be published. GO SATO!


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