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Ferrari lessening the evil?

Interesting times are ahead. I’m a little slow on reading up on my subscription, specifically the Journal that’s released every week, so only just read the following.

Today, July 29th, there is a BIG meeting of all the team principals. Where is taking place? Traditionally these events take place at places like The Hilton near Heathrow Airport, for obvious reasons. Todays meeting?

Maranello! Yes, Ferrari home turf! Is this a sign of the other teams capitulating to the might of the Scarlet Menace? On the contrary, Ferrari, with the likes of Todt and Brawn gone, seem to be entering a new chapter. A chapter of, let’s call it Diet Evil. Witness this from Autosport, a brief interview with Todt’s replacement.

Q: There will be a meeting on July 29 in Maranello, is this a sign of the new spirit at Ferrari as a team?

Domenicali: “It will be a meeting in order to discuss, within the teams, the situation of the future regulations following the letter of Max Mosley. It’s a good opportunity to share and discuss what are the ideas of all the teams who are involved in the sport.”

Q: Is it significant that it’s at Maranello when previously it was at the Hilton Hotel at Heathrow airport?

Domenicali: “For sure, Ferrari and our president are very keen that Ferrari is willing to participate in that because Ferrari is part of Formula One and Mr di Montezemolo is really keen on that.”

Notice the wording. “Part of Formula One”. This is a team that, in the past, has largely considered itself to be Formula One, and the rest hangers on. Yet here we are, a meeting at Maranello, talking of being part of F1.

Could it be that after years of evil and manipulation, that Ferrari have finally realised that there are more important concerns than shafting your opposition?

I won’t hold my breath, but seeing this attitude from Ferrari may very well be one of the signs of the apocalypse, so you might want to pack a lunch for the rough ride ahead. Plus some cigarettes. I hear the Four Horsemen are avid smokers…


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