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Long time no post

For a variety of reasons, I’ve not been updating the site. Main reason is health. Got some health stuff going on, but am now on medication which will hopefully fix it. My thyroid is dead. The tests are the worst the doc has ever seen in someone who still has a thyroid, so YAY ME! Never do anything by half measures.

The other reason is I’ve only really had a one track mind in regards to F1. That is coming to loathe and despise the seemingly bottomless pool of arrogance that is Lewis Hamilton. It seems every day that arrogant little twat is finding a new way of making himself appear even more of a tool to those not caught up in the “We love you Lewis” adoration, a club which, if what I see online is any indicator, gets bigger every day.

Now, being a Brit, I would LOVE to like Lewis, I really would. As I’ve said before, I loved him in GP2. He was astounding. But he didn’t get to ever speak there. That’s why.

The latest spewings from his mouth were in regards to Heikki, his teammate. I wish I could remember the exact wording, but I do remember the exact phrase “I’m better than he is”… Now before anyone starts on at me saying “Well he is”, THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT!! Michael Schumacher, not someone I would ever hold up as a bastion of all that is good and pure in the sport, makes a good example. Yes, he was a cheat. A bastard. A cancer on the sport for many of us. And yet do YOU EVER ONCE recall hear him saying “I’m better than he is”? He never did it. For all his many failings, the guy almost never said anything that would come across as even half as arrogant as Lewis Hamilton.

It pains me really. I should be cheering Lewis on, but I can’t. I cannot throw my support behind such an inconceivable jackass as him. At least twice a week I read another quote that makes me shake my head. I honestly can’t understand why McLaren even let him near a microphone anymore. They’d be better off keeping him in a box in the factory, like The Stig from “Top Gear”. Lewis would do well to learn from him.

I mean McLaren are bastards. I’ve always had a love hate relationship in regards to them. They lost me for good last year by vociferously condemning Ferrari for saying “We have no problem winning the title in the court room”, then turning around and taking that exact same course when Lewis was in with a sniff at the title.

I have no real love for Ferrari. However, the fact is, while both Ferrari and McLaren have been bastards, the fact is Ferrari have never pretended to be anything else. I at least admire their being straight forward. Plus, and I can’t believe this myself, old little Felipe is growing on me. Of course he had an atrocious British race, and Germany wasn’t much better with him giving Lewis second place essentially, but after years of mocking him etc… Dammit, the boy is growing on me. I still think he’s a bit of a twat, he’s completely inconsistent, and not a real hardcore racer, but I’m starting to like him. ARGHHH!

Now Lewis IS a hardcore racer. However, he’s the racing equivalent of a nuclear bomb. You can let him go, but you have no idea if he’ll actually achieve what you want, wipe out innocent civilians etc… In short, he’s not a precision weapon. He’s like a rabid dog. He’ll charge into anything, screw the consequences. Sometimes this pays off, like in Britain and Germany. Other times it goes horribly wrong. (Like ending his title hopes in the worlds smallest gravel trap.) Alonso in his championship years was a sniper rifle. Precision, does what he has to, and no more. Two years in, only now does Lewis seem to be learning any real racecraft.

I also have to give credit where it’s due. Both Silverstone and Hockenheim were epic drives from Lewis. Hockenheim especially. (Silverstone was more a case of Ferrari losing the race than Lewis winning it.) To see a driver win a race and he ACTUALLY HAD TO OVERTAKE SOMEONE TO DO SO was amazing. Best race win I’ve seen since Alonso at the Nurburgring last year. Still doesn’t change the fact the man is a douchebag.

In many ways Lewis is reminding me of Muhammad Ali. His arrogance to the media etc… The big difference is Lewis has neither the charisma nor character to pull it off.

We’d all be a lot better off if he’d just shut up and drive instead of trying to convince the world (and possibly himself) that he’s the greatest.

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