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Lewis handed ten spot penalty for France

Lewis will be bumped ten spots in France for the pitlane incident in Canada. McLaren are, of course, whining about this “severe” penalty. They seem to be justifying this whining because of the Raikkonen/Sutil incident in Monaco going unpunished. Yes, because the incidents were so very similar…

In Monaco the track was wet. Kimi simply lost control of his car at the fastest point on the circuit at racing speed.

Lewis’ incident is only the same in as much as it took place in an F1 car. Lewis was clearly not paying attention to the signals that are there for safety reasons, in an area where safety is paramount. Raikkonen and Kubica were battling for the lead out of the pits, yet they both managed to observe the red light and stop. Lewis paid no attention at all, and wiped out a title rivals race (rather than Raikkonen who wiped out a far lesser car, no offence to Force India.)

I am quite certain the stewards take into account the situation, the ramifications of the incident etc… Kimi most certainly didn’t cost Sutil the title. It’s fair to say that Lewis cost Kimi at least eight points today. Given last years title was won by a single point, Lewis may very well have prevented Kimi from winning the world championship at seasons end.

Let’s get some perspective here.

Alonso being punished for “blocking” Massa despite never being within 90 meters of him at Monza = Harsh.

Lewis being punished for failing to observe basic safety in the pits and perhaps ultimately costing a rival the title = More than fair.

Rosberg has been handed the same penalty. Somehow I imagine Williams acting with more class and sportsmanship than McLaren. Of course that would not be difficult.


June 8, 2008 - Posted by | f1

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