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Lewis handed ten spot penalty for France

Lewis will be bumped ten spots in France for the pitlane incident in Canada. McLaren are, of course, whining about this “severe” penalty. They seem to be justifying this whining because of the Raikkonen/Sutil incident in Monaco going unpunished. Yes, because the incidents were so very similar…

In Monaco the track was wet. Kimi simply lost control of his car at the fastest point on the circuit at racing speed.

Lewis’ incident is only the same in as much as it took place in an F1 car. Lewis was clearly not paying attention to the signals that are there for safety reasons, in an area where safety is paramount. Raikkonen and Kubica were battling for the lead out of the pits, yet they both managed to observe the red light and stop. Lewis paid no attention at all, and wiped out a title rivals race (rather than Raikkonen who wiped out a far lesser car, no offence to Force India.)

I am quite certain the stewards take into account the situation, the ramifications of the incident etc… Kimi most certainly didn’t cost Sutil the title. It’s fair to say that Lewis cost Kimi at least eight points today. Given last years title was won by a single point, Lewis may very well have prevented Kimi from winning the world championship at seasons end.

Let’s get some perspective here.

Alonso being punished for “blocking” Massa despite never being within 90 meters of him at Monza = Harsh.

Lewis being punished for failing to observe basic safety in the pits and perhaps ultimately costing a rival the title = More than fair.

Rosberg has been handed the same penalty. Somehow I imagine Williams acting with more class and sportsmanship than McLaren. Of course that would not be difficult.


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Kubica wins!!!

Kubica and BMW get their first ever win in Canada. Now THAT was a surprise!

First though, let’s deal with Lewis. After suffering two hours of that asshat James Allen and his “DEAR GOD THIS IS SENNA REBORN!” crap at Monaco (an experience so horrible I chose to watch this race in Swedish just to get away), it was delightful to see Lewis make such a wonderful bonehead move. Would love to hear how ITV dealt with that one. Am I wrong for thinking “I wonder if he deliberately targeted the bigger of his rivals?” I mean he clearly had a choice of which car to hit. Lewis wrecked two other races besides his own, with Rosberg hitting Lewis in the aftermath. Of course would Rosberg have had an accident anyway? We’ll never know. Looking forward to seeing how McLaren spin this one to not be Lewis’ fault. Usually there’s a mad rush from Dennis and Whitmarsh to see who can fall on their sword first when their precious has a booboo.

Took a great deal of amusement from Raikkonen drawing Lewis’ attention to the red light at the pit exit. I miss the days of Piquet/Salazar at times like this. Then when the camera is filming Lewis taking his helmet off in the pits the cameraman, who is just there doing his job, gets his camera smacked away by him. Petulance and arrogance in the same package. How marvelously efficient those McLaren boys are! As if that wasn’t enough, Hamilton then had the audacity to say the following. “I apologise to Kimi if I cost him the race”. What do you mean, IF? There is no IF. Raikkonen was there obeying the rules, and you piledrove him out of the race. There’s not really any “IF” involved, mate. With all this in mind, I’ve decided to work on a pitch to ITV for a reality show about Lewis.

It’s working title is “Dicks With Racecars”.

So once Lewis had finished ruining races, we went racing again. At this point it appeared to be shaping up for either Kubica, Heidfeld or Alonso winning. Three scenarios I was entirely ecstatic about. Up until this point I had been bored out of my mind and struggling to stay awake. Suddenly the tedious predictable race turned on it’s head, and I staved off sleep with the three potential outcomes, something made all the harder by FOM’s seeming inability to keep us informed as to who is where and, more importantly, how far away they are.

All the time while Kubica is charging away I’m thinking “Please no safety car. Please no safety car.” We had Fisichella bin it, but they somehow didn’t deploy it, which seemed extremely dangerous to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Nick Heidfeld, but I’m also a fan of justice, and Heidfeld winning just doesn’t sit right when Kubica has been the man this year. Heidfeld had been fueled to the end (that car must have been so damn heavy!) whereas Kubica had to stop. Kubica did the business, got out in the lead, and we had possibly my favourite radio communication of the year so far, from Dr. Mario to Robert.

“You are P1. P1. Bring it home.”

Awesome stuff. I kept my fingers crossed there would be no more safety cars to evaporate the lead. When Kubica crossed the line, I cheered, I punched the air… Utterly glorious. I love seeing a driver I like win their first race. Sadly it happens so rarely. Coming just two weeks after a Monaco race that Kubica was very unlucky to not win, this victory was sweet. First time I’ve ever heard the Polish national anthem. It was also lovely to not cringe and be depressed at hearing the German national anthem. That German cheat had forever tarnished that anthem until now. BMW, a team that I should logically hate due to their acrimonious split with my beloved Williams, have their first win, and I couldn’t be happier. Not only that, with Nick getting second, BMW score 18 points on a weekend where Ferrari score four, and McLaren score zero. For all to happen in my home country makes it all the more enjoyable.

Last year Kubica left Montreal lucky to be alive and largely uninjured. This year he leaves leading the drivers championship by four points. It’s times like this that make me love this sport so much.

Truth be told, great result not withstanding, the race at the front was a bit anemic. The race will not go down as a classic, however historic the victory for BMW. The best move of the race by far was from Felipe Massa of all people! Yes, I’m as shocked as you are! Kovalainen was battling a Honda into the hairpin, went for the pass, got past, then got passed. (ho-ho) Massa dived down and took both of them. Despite liking neither Massa or Ferrari, I cheered for that one. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised come years end for that to be considered the overtaking move of the year. Kudos to Massa for that one. Seeing the reaction of the Ferrari mechanics was awesome as well. Love ‘im or hate ‘im, that was a beautiful pass.

So Canada is in the books, and while the race wasn’t great, the result certainly was for any true fan of the sport. A new driver and a new team are added to the list of winners. Always a good thing.

Finally, I must admit to enjoying the realignment of the universe. Sutil had his race destroyed through no fault of his own by Raikkonen. Two weeks later Raikkonen has his race destroyed through no fault of his own. It’s almost like the F1 universe is balancing the books somehow…

And now we head off to that pile of crap Magny Cours circuit. By far the worst on the calendar.

Ah well, at least it’s Le Mans next weekend.

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