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Nick Fry is a jerk.

What have you done with Trulli?

Good GRIEF what has happened to Jarno this weekend? On Friday he was all over the place, and in qualifying he was spinning every other corner it seemed. WEIRD!


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Oh Canada…

So it’s my home race. Well, my adopted home race I guess. This has been marked by the crappiest TV coverage of the year usually, but since I’m following F1 via other means this year it doesn’t effect me.

Was pleased to read this week that we MIGHT have some explanation as to why Heidfeld has gone from hero to zero. Apparently he’s not getting anywhere near as much heat in his tyres as Kubica is, and therefore has less grip. The telemetry apparently backs this up. So at least his collapse isn’t inexplicable now.

If I had to pick a winner this weekend, I’d go with Massa. Raikkonen has seemingly lost interest in F1 it appears. There’s been talk of him retiring after 2009. I’ve ever heard 2008 if he won a second title. Fairly amazing. It’s weird to see the world champion being so… Well let’s face it, crap. Massa is schooling him. While I will never like Massa as a person, he is shutting his critics up lately, and since I’m one of them… Well I always do like to be proved wrong. I like to see a driver go out there and shut us up. And to be quite honest, I’d rather see Massa win than Hamilton, if only because the endless hype is horrible. Anyone who heard ITV’s commentary at Monaco knows how bad it was. Asking Mike Gascoyne endless questions about Lewis was rude, unprofessional, and just the kind of pathetic narrow minded jingoistic nonsense I’d expect from those insidiously stupid people.

Curious rumour mentioned that could happen RSN (Real Soon Now) is a three way driver switch. Piquet, doing hopelessly at Renault, would move to STR. Vettel would move to Red Bull, leaving dear old DC to move to Renault for what would be expected to be his final races of his career. (Related: It’s believed that Webber/Vettel is the Red Bull lineup for next year, and the deals have been done for over a month.) Then DC would move to TV, just in time for the BBC to get the rights back. A great idea… Except what would this mean to Brundle? He’s the only person at ITV who deserves to be kept around. Though if I was involved I’d hire James Allen too, though merely to publicly humiliate him on live TV at every opportunity. Like pump helium into the commentary box, force him to strip naked and do a grid walk etc… Anything to pay that jackass back for years of asinine bullshit.

Not much else going on it would appear. Storms are forecast for the rest of the weekend, but Monaco aside F1 seems to have dodged the rain quite well so far this year. Fully expect at least one big accident in the race. Clearly no driver can bank on a lead lasting as the safety car almost led more laps than Hamilton last year.

Apologies if this isn’t up to the usual standard. I’ve had 3 hours sleep from getting up early to watch practice. My kids have been acting up all day. Plus I’m in constant pain with my back, so my brain is kinda addled, so if there’s any mistakes… Oh well. Just be glad I’m not running a nuclear power station where I could REALLY do some damage.

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