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Monaco… A Nice place…

That is a very bad joke.

Well I wanted to update before now, but WordPress was being a brass whore and every time I tried to login, it failed. I only have Scribefire on my laptop, and despite being brand new and costing me just $5 (awesome story which I’ll share another time. And yes, it involves no dubious dealings or anything…) the keyboard is crap and I hate writing on it. I’ve finally admitted defeat and here I am…

Anyway, onto Formula One… There are times this sport breaks my heart. Monaco was one of those times. We’ll start with the minor first.

Robert Kubica should have won. In fact if you ran this race again and had the incidents happen, Kubica would win. 99 times out of 100 Hamilton would not have gotten away with clouting the barrier. Only Lewis Hamilton, who is easily the jammiest bastard in F1 now (a crown once belonging to Jacques Villeneuve) not only got away with hitting the barrier, but ultimately had the damage he suffered work out perfectly in regards to the weather. Lewis should not have won that race. Lewis cannot have won that race.

Yet he did.

The huge heartbreak, of course, was Adrian Sutil. I mocked Force India earlier this year, but they’re starting to grow on me. First through Fisichella’s epic performances. Now Sutil. An incredible drive from Sutil. Not only that, throughout the race ITV were speaking to Mike Gascoyne on the prat perch which was fascinating. (Except when they kept asking him about bloody Hamilton. To be fair they should have gone down to Ron Dennis and started asking him about Sutil…) It was looking SO good for Sutil, then BOOM! It’s ruined… By Bloody Kimi Raikkonen.

Evil Kimi turned up in Monaco and never really seemed up for the fight. Was disappointed with him all weekend. Then he goes and nails Sutil. Ironically he survives, but Sutil is one whose race is over. Just sheer and absolute heartbreak. I also saw the bigger picture as well. This wasn’t just a sure 5 points for Force India… As far as I’m aware the rule still stands that teams who score a point get their travel expenses paid the following season. Teams that don’t score have to pay for their own. Meaning Raikkonen may very well have cost Force India not just 5 points, but their entire travel expenses for next year. Not to mention a bigger share of the TV money come seasons end.

Under normal circumstances it’d be heartbreaking enough, but looking at the long term view of what Kimi’s idiocy cost them… I would expect that the entire team was on suicide watch that night… I realise Kimi didn’t do it deliberately, but it’s going to take me a long time to forgive him for that. F1 for me has always been about the lower teams. Those in it for the sport like Force India. To see their race wrecked by the team that has tarnished F1 so much over the last ten years… It’s just not right, and to be quite honest part of the delay on posting about the race has been because I was so down about the outcome.

For a wet race it was largely incident free. Alonso nerfed the rapidly fading Heidfeld in a move he admitted was boneheaded. Though I partly think Heidfeld should have just let him go. The pits should have said Alonso was on different tyres and not risk an accident. Whatever, hindsight is a beautiful thing.

The carnage many drivers predicted never really occurred, and the race was a largely safe affair. GP2 had much scarier incidents.

Next stop, my home country, Canada. Canada usually delivers a good race. Given this season has had some bloody good racing, Canada had better be exceptional.


May 31, 2008 - Posted by | f1

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