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Looking forward to Monaco

Well I’ve been slacking off again. After years of burning out on F1 I just can’t write about it if there’s nothing specific to fire the juices… Erm… That’s a bit of a mixed metaphor, but oh well.

The only big news of the last week has been related to Max and his nazi whores, but I’m utterly sick of that story. Not to mention Max’s posturing about how getting rid of him is dangerous and could lead to the FIA losing control of F1… Blah blah blah… Do you think anyone believes that idiots crap anymore? Sadly the answer inside the FIA is probably “Darn tootin'”

So in short, screw Max Mosley and his tedious political bullshit. I hope his ass gets handed to him in a couple of weeks time and we’re rid of the tiresome little weasel.

So, at a time when F1 is in financial crisis, the world is in the so called credit crunch, everyone is finding it hard, we’re off to the most opulent Grand Prix of the season where the rich and shameless gather to watch fast cars race around the worlds biggest Scalextric trick.

I love Monaco. The racing is usually garbage. Really, Monaco represents everything I hate about everywhere else in F1. It has no real passing. Races are processional. Yet I adore it. Probably because it’s one of the few venues F1 still visits that Clark, Fangio, Ascari, even Nuvolari raced at. While circuits like Spa and Monza have changed dramatically over the years, Monaco has remained comparatively unchanged. In fact the main reason I like it is the changes from the Monaco that the aforementioned names raced at have been for the better I think. Like the Le Mans circuit, I feel the modern version of the track is more enjoyable and interesting than the earlier version.

Monaco is also the chance for lower teams to shine at a circuit where power and speed won’t win you the race. I fully expect Massa to stuff it in the wall. I expect Lewis to disappoint. I expect Fernando to excel, as well as Rosberg and Webber. Coulthard will probably crash too. (Let’s see how good these predictions are.) Raikkonen I’m not sure about. If the Raikkonen that went to Malaysia turns up, then he should do well. If Evil Kimi turns up, the one that went to Turkey, then not so much.

The weather forecast for the weekend has showers in the forecast. Now several times this season the forecast has teased, only for it to be bone dry. Monaco in the dry is scary enough. Monaco in the wet is very scary.

Monaco in the wet with no traction control… Well let’s just hope they all bought a change of underwear…


May 20, 2008 - Posted by | f1

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