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Turkish Delight

I decided I need to stop guilting myself into updating the site if I really have nothing to say. Half the reason I quit writing about F1 in the first place was because I got burned out doing just that. Hence the break. Not only that I had a weird week.

Had some marital strife earlier in the week (Nazi hookers and all that… I KID!), middle of the week I had a massive migraine come on which I’m still not fully over now. On Thursday, despite feeling horrendous and nearly throwing up on the bus I had to take there, after I complained several weeks earlier, the fine people at Future Shop exchanged my old, awful laptop I bought three years ago and had nothing but problems with for a brand new one. So I must give them a free plug here for their multiple degrees of awesomeness.

So with migraine in hand I then had to spend two days nuking that piece of junk Vista (God that is a truly horrendous operating system) and trying to track down all the drivers to get the laptop playing nice, which is very tricky given MS and the computer makers don’t want you “downgrading”. (HA! It’s an upgrade IMO.)  Doing this with a migraine was a rather horrible experience, made worse by watching Felipe Massa go fastest in first practice on Friday. (Felt so lousy I actually turned the F1 OFF.)

Laptop is working great, but HP have done weird things with the keyboard. Some keys aren’t where you’d expect. It’s one of those things where you sit down to type and things just don’t feel right, but you can’t put your finger on why exactly. Hell of a machine though. Really like it.

So anyway, Turkey… Predicted to a mate saying “I fully expect to see Massa win tomorrow” and of course that’s exactly what he did. Due to the week I had I took no notes during the race as I just wanted to collapse and relax, but really I can sum everything up thusly.

Heikki screwed up, but was the only real interest for much of the race.

Lewis overtook Felipe, but they were on vastly different fuel loads, and while it was a bold move, I refuse to get all gooey over the guy.

Felipe won.

There we go, there’s the review. In truth there was other stuff, but the coverage was largely crappy. I’m sure there was good stuff going on down the field, and we never saw it. The last sequence of corners provided the real highlights of the race with wheel to wheel action. Some good stuff going on there.

ITV cracked me up with their endless Lewis hype (am I alone in noticing that they replaced Anthony Davidson in their opening titles with… Yet another shot of Lewis Hamilton. Highlights their unprofessional bias perfectly I think. They may as well replace the titles with “SCREW YOU DAVE AND JENSON!”) They start going on and on about how great he’s doing on a heavier fuel load than Massa, making derisive remarks about how everyone expects Alonso to pit early… And then Lewis pits one lap AFTER Alonso, and what happens? They all start making excuses for Lewis not being better. *sigh* See this is the problem with biased coverage. It’s so predictable. “Lewis is awesome! Wait, he’s pitted. Well they must be trying too…” blah blah blah… Just call the damn race down the middle will you. McLaren did well with their strategy and got Lewis past Kimi which on a two stop may not have happened. Well done, but for gods sake there are 19 other drivers out there!

Not saying Lewis didn’t drive a good race. He made an awesome start and capitalized as best he could in a car that was second best to Felipe. (Not sure what the hell was up with Raikkonen this weekend.) Just the coverage bugs me. Speaking of coverage, we had the utterly useless and completely bad-ass thermal imaging camera. Only saw it in use twice over the weekend, but I gotta give credit where it’s due… That was something I’ve never seen in racing coverage before, and it made for a “Hey, that’s kinda cool” moment. Completely pointless, adds nothing of substance, but was still really cool to see.

Finally, there’s some argument about whether Rubens truly celebrated his 257th Grand Prix this weekend. Some whiny idiots (including, much to my disappointment, Speed Channel’s Bob Varsha) are claiming it’ll be in Canada, because he didn’t race in 1994 at Imola due to his massive crash on Friday, and he didn’t start two races in 2000.

You know what… SHUT UP YOU WHINY LITTLE MAGGOTS! In 1994, Rubens wound up in hospital from directly participating in a Grand Prix event. In 2000 he went through everything, only for his car to have problems. So he still clearly took part in the weekends. I am so sick of this trivial minutiae, especially when the same people bitching over this 3 race “discrepancy” have no problem with counting Michael Schumacher’s stats to include 1997 WHEN THE MAN WAS DISQUALIFIED FROM THE CHAMPIONSHIP FOR CHEATING!

Now I am not getting into a debate about 1997. I think what I think, you think what you think. We may agree, we may not. The man is gone from F1, good riddance, and to hell with him. To get so worked up over whether Rubens has hit 257 is just pathetic. I’m quite sure if you went through Ricard Patrese’s race history (something I may abuse my Autosport/FORIX subscription to do if I’m bored later) you’d find little issues like this in his career as well.

It seems that some elements of F1 just can’t stop and take a moments joy for someone without whining about the accuracy and authenticity of it all.

So, from my pathetic little website, the one that won a Dave Despain bobblehead in a previous incarnation for nicknaming Rubens “Lil’ Bitch” for his time at Ferrari, let me say CONGRATULATIONS RUBENS! You’ve always been one of F1’s good guys, put in a few crappy situations by your employers in Maranello. You’ve managed to keep it together in F1 despite the odds. You walked away on that dark weekend in Imola when clearly, the fates had other ideas… And here you are, 257… I honestly and truly hope you make it to 300 my friend!


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