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Nick Fry is a jerk.

Random Thoughts

Could it be Ferrari don’t want Alonso on the team because he’s the only current driver to actually beat Schumacher to a title? Came to mind during qualifying. I could see Ferrari being that petty.

Nice to hear Brundle agree with me that the McLaren looked bloody awful on Friday. And that the Honda antenna look ridiculous.

Funny to hear James Allen bitch about Spanish F1 being “Alonso vs 21 other idiots.” Kinda like ITV is “Lewis vs 21 other idiots” then.

What the hell has happened to Heidfeld?

Alonso on the front row… So annoyed Raikkonen just stole it at the end. Realise he’s probably got about 3 laps of fuel in, but Fernando and Kimi next to each other at the front.

Just like old times.


April 26, 2008 - Posted by | f1

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