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Flappy bits and fast cars

ARGHH! It’s like some alien invasion. All the cars are sprouting… THINGS! You’ve got the Honda sprouting two antenna at the front (which make me think of the Tivo logo). The Renault now has an engine cover like Red Bull that looks like someone took the original model and just stretched it, or perhaps it wasn’t quite set when it was picked up and was packed wrongly and dripped. Man, it’s all horrible, horrible stuff. Hope we can kiss goodbye to all this crap next year. Even the wings are sprouting wings these days.

Speaking of horrible things, watching second practice from Friday, I really think it’s a Ferrari weekend. From numerous onboard shots with Lewis the McLaren looks TERRIBLE. From a few outside shots the rear has looked iffy, and onboard it just seemed horrible, especially in the third sector. Admittedly I’m not done watching Friday practice yet (yes, it’s almost time for Saturday practice. I’m a day behind.) I supposed they can dial it out and fix it maybe, but man, I’ve I don’t think I’ve ever seen a top car look so evil. There is also something clearly wrong on the turn into the final tight left (that one before the long sweeper that leads to the idiotic final chicane, which incidentally, when you look at the circuit logo on the pit buildings, they’ve not changed the map). Not sure what it is. It’s like Lewis is changing up way early or something. The revs drop really low.

Curious to see where the weekend goes for Lewis. Early on the pit bitched at him for not warming his rear brakes up (this was after he bitched at them saying the brakes were “terrible”.) Then he spun. He seems to be having a rough time.

I am very VERY curious to get to qualifying and see if the Scarlet Menace are sandbagging in regards to their new slotted wing. Though more importantly right now, with about an hour to go in final Friday practice, Giancarlo Fisichella is fastest. I know it won’t last, but damn that put a smile on my face.

I might be back before the race, I might not. Depends on a lot of factors. (Snagging some qualifying coverage being the biggest issue.) Not least of which is whether there’s anything worth talking about.

I’d say we’re on for an all Fezza front row, and one of them, probably Massa, disappearing off into the sunset come .



April 26, 2008 - Posted by | f1

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