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Mosley Resignation Watch: Day Four Hundred and Seventeen

Now I believe we’re entering Endgame now, so I guess the updates can end. Thank goodness.

First of all, Max’s attempted injunction to have his sex video removed from the News of the Worlds website was denied. Now it’s been announced that on June 3rd the big FIA meeting will happen and a vote of confidence taken.

Max is a very smart cookie. That’s well over a month away. Plenty of time for the story to die down and the tabloids move on to some other famous person, meaning nobody in the mainstream media will give a crap any longer. Todays news being tomorrows chip wrappings as the old saying goes. Plus it gives Max a good few weeks to canvas for support. Bear in mind the FIA is loaded with his cronies and a bunch of yes men, I would bet good money that Max is going to get away with this and remain head of the FIA.


Update: Austrian governing body has spoken out against Max now.


April 10, 2008 - Posted by | f1

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