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Nick Fry is a jerk.

Mosley harmless

Well he’s admitted it. No denial here. Did notice something interesting though.

“a scandal paper obtained by illegal means pictures of something I did in private which, although unacceptable to some people, was harmless and completely legal.”

I’m not a lawyer like Max, but I’m fairly certain that consorting with prostitutes is illegal. Not to mention the word “harmless” is debatable at a time when some countries are now considering prostitutes as victims rather than criminals. As far as I’m aware “Mad Max Mosley’s XXX Adventure” (which I am now officially christening this) happened in London. Now I realise the country has gone to hell since I left 12 years ago, but I don’t think it’s gone THAT far and prostitution is now legal. Fairly certain I’d have heard…

“”The offence seems to be not what I did but the fact that it became public. But I played no role in this, indeed I did my utmost to ensure it remained private. I was the victim of a disgusting conspiracy.”

Speaking from my own personal experience with my family, the reason my family wound up splashed over the pages of the tabloids was because someone involved in sordid shenanigans had been “wronged” and sought revenge. (I am not proud of certain members of my family. In fact I have nothing to do with most of them anymore as they disgust me.) Dollars to donuts it’s someone involved in Formula One that’s done Max’s legs IF this is some sort of conspiracy. Perhaps Max was asked to do something and didn’t comply with their wishes? Speculation obviously, but one has to wonder just what may have gone on in the past. That’s the problem with this. Even with no explicity wrongdoing (legality of hiring ladies of the night not withstanding) Max clearly engages in activities that leave him open for blackmail. Every decision he has made in the past is now questionable in some fashion when you consider his position. (Which is apparently tied up against the wall saying “PLEASE ADMINISTER ZE PUNISHMENT!” (DAMMIT! I was doing so well as well!)

Max goes on to claim the Nazi aspect is a fabrication. That contradicts other things I’ve seen that had actual transcripts of what was said during the escapades in question. Though it does seem almost too perfect that he just happens to be the son of the UK’s most famous fascist, and had a mother who was a close personal friend of Hitler. Also, having read up on Max’s married life today, it certainly causes one to raise a further eyebrow or three.

Starting to question my belief that this isn’t damaging the sport now…

On the bright side, at least for once the controversy isn’t on track. Though to be quite honest, it’s looking like it might be a bit of a dull Sunday… Still, maybe the News of the World will have something interesting in it…

One final thing: “The Now Show” from BBC Radio 4 is available in a podcast. It’s very funny, and I highly recommend checking it out. Though being English might be a requirement to enjoy it.

Much to my delight, they mentioned the Mosley story on this weeks show. I claim no credit for the following. It is from the show, but it was far too funny to not bring to wider attention.

“It was slightly embarrassing for the Formula One supremo, especially since he’d booked five prostitutes at once, which at his age meant the safety car had to be bought out several times.”


April 5, 2008 - Posted by | f1

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