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It’s very hard to ignore the Max Mosley Nazi Hooker story as it’s slowly rolling down the hill like a giant snowball getting bigger and bigger. Firstly Max said it had no bearing on his FIA job, and he was staying. If nothing else, you’ve got to admire the guys stubbornness. Then slowly the cracks start to appear. Ex-drivers such as Jackie Stewart, (who you may remember Mosley slandered last year, calling him a “certified half-wit”) and Jody Scheckter have come out and called for him to step down. Max stayed resolute.

Then it came out the organizers of the Bahrain Grand Prix demanded Mosley NOT attend the event due to the controversy. Now BMW, Mercedes, Honda and Toyota have all stepped up to condemn Max. You know what? I am enjoying every minute of this. (Max is, after all, no stranger to prostitution. He’s whored the FIA to Ferrari for years.) I have no time for the gutter press like the News of the World. I know what they’re like from dealings I have had with them in the past. (Not going to go into details, but something that happened to my family wound up spread across the center pages of one of the Sunday tabloids. I know what scum these guys are.) However, I am a firm believer in karma or whatever you want to call it, and right now, karma is coming back and doing to Max what Max did to the Nazi Hookers.

Max has, on so many occasions, accused individuals and teams of bringing the sport into disrepute. Now we have perhaps the ultimate story. I mean really, you can’t make stuff like this up. You’ve got Mosley, whose father was England’s leading fascist in the lead up to WWII. Hitler was a guest of honor at his parents wedding. You’ve then got said individual in a room with five prostitutes. That by itself is quite spectacular. (Not to mention quite the act of stamina for a man of his age!) To then throw in the Nazi theme is just the cherry on top. I have to say, as a man who has long loathed Mosley, this all seems like some beautiful dream right now.

It’s funny. Last year I was discussing with a friend what it would take for Lewis Hamilton to become a pariah. With all the hype from the media, we were talking about what it would take to turn the media and public completely against him, and I said it would take some huge scandal. I find it ironic that just a few short months later, F1 is now embroiled in what I believe is F1’s first ever sex scandal. Unlike last years spy scandal, I don’t see this scandal as being particularly damaging to the sport, especially when people within the sport are condemning him. The actions of the head of the sports governing body has very little effect on the sport itself. The sport is bigger than one man, despite what that one man seems to think of his position.

Which leads me to this. I’m curious about the portrayal of this story, even in places like Autosport. There is all the talk of whether this damages Formula One. The FIA is the governing body of WORLD MOTOR SPORT. If this damages F1, it damages the World Rally Championship. It damages GP2. It damages the WTCC. It damages all the series that are sanctioned by the FIA.

Of course Max has really done himself no favours today in his response to BMW and Mercedes condemning his actions, stating to Reuters “Given the history of BMW and Mercedes Benz, particularly before and during the Second World War” (emphasis mine) “I fully understand why they would wish to strongly distance themselves from what they rightly describe as the disgraceful content of these publications.”

Let’s set aside the fact he’s implying the allegations are false. (Despite the fact there would appear to be video and audio evidence to the contrary, which I never EVER want to see or hear.) He actually bought up BMW and Mercedes involvement in WWII. I read this as “Well I may have slept with five Nazi Hookers, but LOOK! Those pointing fingers, their forefathers, guess who they worked for? HITLER! THAT’S WHO!” I’m surprised that with Honda and Toyota making public comments as well that he hasn’t mentioned Pearl Harbour.

This story just gets more and more astonishing. When I read Max saying he was resolute about holding on to his FIA position, I thought “Not going to happen. You say that now, but give it time. This story has legs a size I’ve never seen before!” Basically I knew right then he was doomed. Two reasons.

1) Max’s father is Oswald Mosley, which makes the whole Nazi themed orgy all the more sordid and disturbing as people can engage in two bit Freudian psychoanalysis of the whole thing. (Lord knows I have.) It also adds a nasty twist to the overall story which is going to make it a much bigger deal than it would be if it had been Bernie.

2) Max doesn’t know how to keep his stupid mouth shut.

Number 1 can’t be helped, and number 2 has come to pass far quicker than I imagined it would. For a lawyer, he’s not too bright. “Here’s a can of petrol, go put that fire out!”

The sport has been dragged through the mud many times in the past. I don’t see this story, in it’s current form, being especially damaging. We have no way of knowing what direction the story is going to go. (Like it coming out that Bernie was hiding under the bed, or that Ron Dennis tipped the News of the World off. “Take my 100 million will you, bastard!”) Right now though, I’m finding the whole thing rather amusing. I’m certain the F1 journalists in Bahrain this weekend are tittering about this story between themselves as well. They can’t really write about it though, certainly not in any prurient manner, as Max is notorious for taking peoples accreditation away and making their lives very difficult on a race weekend and unable to access the pitlane and other areas vital to their jobs. I have no such concerns thankfully.

Doing this for fun does have its benefits. Of course I’ve probably flushed away any chance of doing this professionally now, but then Max will be gone soon anyway…


April 3, 2008 - Posted by | f1


  1. Good post. Max is like a cockroach and he won’t go away that easily. He is already claiming it was a set up and Mario Thiessen agreed. Of course he could not have been set up if he had kept his pants on.

    Comment by terryweiss | April 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. “Of course he could not have been set up if he had kept his pants on.”

    HAHAHA! Very good point.

    It may have been a setup, but clearly, even if it was, he has a predilection for such things.

    Comment by Steve | April 5, 2008 | Reply

  3. Nice post. You raise some interesting points. I only wrote two humorous lines about it this week as I am writing a more detailed analysis about the effects of the sub-Prime crisis when I get the chance, but the FIA sex-scandal is a delicate matter.

    I do find it interesting though that Max has chosen to sue the News of the World (I hesitate to use the word Newspaper as I don’t think it qualifies) not for libel, but for invasion of privacy. Is that an admission of guilt?

    If so, what more do you need to prove someone is bringing the sport into disrepute and should be disciplined? Hoist by his own petard, methinks.

    Comment by fifthdecade | April 5, 2008 | Reply

  4. As I’ve said in my newest post, NOWHERE has he denied it’s him and the hookers. I mean come on, if you were caught in a situation and it genuinely WASN’T you, you’d say “IT’S NOT ME!” as loudly as you could wouldn’t you? I know I would.

    I believe he is guilty. I also believe he is, as terry said above, a cockroach. I have had complete contempt for Mosley since he ousted Balestre in the early 90’s. I read an interview with him then and thought the way he ousted Balestre was pretty despicable (and I was no fan of Balestre either) and from his interview at the time he struck me as a weasel of a man. Throw in his regularly condescending and patronizing columns in F1 Magazine, and the various crap he’s pulled over the year and my initial feelings have been confirmed time and again.

    Hey, a thought occurred… Balestre just died. I wonder if stitching Max up was his final wish?:)

    Highly recommend anyone reading this read the article I liked too from Sportsfilter. Alarming reading to say the least. Good riddance to the man I say. If he WAS set up, I’d like to shake the hand of whoever did it.

    Comment by Steve | April 5, 2008 | Reply

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