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The bright side of hypocrisy

Formula One is on the brink of making some serious changes to make the sport more environmentally friendly. Whether you believe in global warming or not, less crap being pumped into the atmosphere, into our lungs and less energy being used is a good thing. There’s more awareness than ever of energy issues. Honda ran their Earth car last year and had people sign up and pledge to be greener. In fact my name was on Rubens’ car last year as I signed up. (I already use public transport etc…) This year Honda have lowered the volume on the message, but it’s still there. The sport is making a very real effort to do something constructive for the environment before governments force their hands.

So at a time when the sport is trying very hard to become more environmentally sound, it makes it all the more ridiculous that we have the first ever nighttime F1 race this season. At a time when many believe the planet to be in crisis due to our energy consumption, and our beloved sport is trying to make positive strides, we have a race that requires the installation of hundreds of new lights that burn many magnitudes brighter than regular streetlights and will burn a completely unnecessary, not to mention ungodly, amount of energy, and for what? So Bernie can have his race at a more sensible time in the European market.

Am I alone in finding this double standard absurd?

Hypocrisy, thy name is Ecclestone.


March 30, 2008 - Posted by | f1


  1. I agree this seems to be against the spirit of saving energy pushed by the FIA, but Ecclestone is nothing to do with the FIA, he is in charge of the marketing organisation. The one pushing for greater greenness is Max Mosley, so you can’t really accuse Bernie of hypocrisy. F1 as a whole, perhaps, but at least this shows how this “sport” is riven by politics from tip to toe.

    Comment by fifthdecade | March 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. Oh I know Bernie is nothing to do with the FIA, but Max is Bernie’s Man in Havana. (As the saying goes.) I mean Max and Bernie were friends (Max was Bernie’s lawyer) long before he headed up the FIA.

    You’d think Max would pull Bernie aside. Not to mention the FIA set the race calendar etc… Plus I believe the circuit has to pass FIA safety standards. Now there’s a question. Will the FIA be inspecting the circuit at night to check on potential visibility issues etc…?

    I see your point, but they’re all thick as thieves (man, two colloquialisms in one comment). Just surprised nobody stopped to think “Hang on, isn’t this a bit stupid?”

    Comment by Steve | March 31, 2008 | Reply

  3. I thought Max was Ferrari’s man… at least, he acts like it and his successor will also have to come from this camp – perhaps Jean Todt?

    Comment by fifthdecade | March 31, 2008 | Reply

  4. You should read this.

    Details basically how Bernie got his own man into the top spot, or at least what lead to it. Fascinating stuff.

    As for Jean Todt… Sadly that name has already been put forward. I think putting ANYONE who is affiliated with Ferrari at the top is a bad idea. Allegations of corruption, whether right or wrong, will only be louder.

    With Max’s problems right now, Todt may wind up taking over sooner rather than later.

    Comment by Steve | April 1, 2008 | Reply

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