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Not much going on in the F1 world right now. Certainly nothing interesting. No big news coming out of Sepang. Nothing major elsewhere. There’s legal shenanigans with Eddie Jordan. He’s blocked entry to Farce India’s facility. It’s an argument over some land Eddie owns. Seemed like petty nonsense from what I could gather. Rich men seeing who has the bigger package I guess. My support for Eddie Jordan was mostly dead after the way the team treated Damon Hill, but died entirely when he shafted Heinz-Harald Frentzen. Eddie is irrelevant. I hope Farce India get Giancarlo to take a car out and write “Screw You” on his grass in tyre tracks. That’s the only ending to this that I will find amusing.

Was watching the GP2 Asia series earlier, the Sepang round. The first race was wet. Dammit, we wanted wet F1, not GP2. Though the GP2 guys bought the excitement as always. There’s three notable GP2 graduates in F1. There’s Hamilton (I dislike him), Rosberg (I like him), and Piquet (I nothing him.)  Nobody in the GP2 Asia series leaps out as a sure fire F1 driver. Bruno Senna may make it on name alone. He’s not untalented, but he’s no Ayrton either. I’m wondering if the drivers, since most will be in the regular GP2 season, are simply using these races as extended test sessions, and not putting in 100% effort.  Regardless, more often than not for the last few years, GP2 (or F3000 as it used to be) was a lot more interesting than the Formula One.

It’s very hard to write about F1 when nothing is going on. We’ve just had a manic couple of weeks, and now we’re on hold for another week or so until the race where they have to spray glue on the sand, which makes things far less interesting. Plus of course in Bahrain, no chance in hell of a wet race. Already checked the weather forecast. I guessed before I entered it that it would be hot and sunny. Lo and behold, the forecast is… Cold and snowy… I kid, it was hot and sunny.

Wasn’t going to post an update at all. Maybe I should dig old stuff out. In fact that’s not a bad idea. I have a huge(ish) archive of all the stuff I’ve written over the years and not had maliciously deleted, so there’s always that. Perhaps I should do that. Shall consider that this weekend. In the mean time, if there’s any massive breaking news, or something else exciting like Max Mosley suddenly standing up and saying “I’m a fish” and flopping around on the floor like… Well a fish (and possibly shouting “Spongebob Squarepants” at the top of his lungs), I shall have to manufacture content dammit. When the sport doesn’t write my articles for me (in a manner of speaking) it’s left to the imagination, and believe me, my imagination is a scary place full of numerous screenplays I’ve yet to write. (Though I did actually finish one last year. May be about to write another this year as well.)

Okay, this article isn’t going well. It’s relativity to F1 is tangential at best, so it’s best to quit before I dig the hole any deeper. We shall end with a celebrity gossip style F1 story, which I usually loathe. I loathe this one, but it’s F1, so I can at least cap this off with an F1 story.

Sir Kimi of Raikkonen has spent a million dollars… Yes, a million dollars, on a house on the beach in Thailand. Kimi’s comment? “It will be a nice place to go with my family and friends when I have two weeks off in the winter.” The F1 drivers lead such hard lives. I mean it probably took him about 20 laps to earn that!

Until next time when I’ll either bore the living hell out of you, or post an archive piece. Probably an archive piece. This article, unlike others, has not been proof read. It’s not really a random train of thought if I go back and make corrections etc… So there you go…

I’m off to see if I can find Bahrain on a map.


March 28, 2008 - Posted by | f1

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