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Qualifying soon…

Had trouble making time to update the site the last couple of days. Uninvited family has turned up bringing to mind the old adage “Some people are only alive because murder is illegal”.

Anyhow, I’ve managed to catch all 3 practice sessions for Malaysia. Coulthard’s suspension falling apart on Friday was rather worrying. For those who haven’t seen it, he basically straight lined a corner when there was a minor suspension failure. When he hit the kerb, the suspension blew itself to pieces. Complete devastation at the front end. Very scary accident. Mercifully DC was okay, though there was no reason he wouldn’t be really. Apparently he was going for the “Timo Glock Destroy The Car Without Hitting Anything Award” (Timo is still the champ there incidentally).This of course led to the FIA blathering about Red Bull maybe being excluded from the event, citing DC’s suspension in Australia as another failure.

Given his suspension failed AFTER Massa had driven into the side of him, that seems a bit unfair. While the team were allowed to take part in practice Saturday morning, the FIA are still making threats. Guess if Webber or Coulthard get up ahead of a Ferrari, the team will be deemed unfit to race…

Practice is always hard to fathom as there’s always some surprises. Hopefully Slick Nick is on top properly, and not some bogus low fuel run. There’s a nice mix of cars up the front. BMW, Red Bull Honda and the like. Nice sight. One thing that makes me extremely suspicious is close to the end of the session, Massa seemed to be on a quick lap, and pitted before the end. Hiding Ferrari’s real light under a bushel perhaps?

Qualifying is in about 90 minutes at time of writing.  Not sure if I’m going to be able to catch it live. Hopefully I can. In reality, I expect the usual McLaren and Ferrari nonsense at the front, but I am REALLY hoping Heidfeld’s barn burner at the end of free practice was genuine, and we’ll get a BMW on pole.

Time will tell. Incidentally I’ve been keeping track of the weather forecast all week for Malaysia. Storms and rain EVERY day have been forecast. I think someone has been lying. I’ve see not one drop of rain through four hours of practice. Disappointed to say the least. I’m hoping for rain so we can stop the drivers whining about raining being unsafe now TC has gone. Not denying it might be more dangerous, but I just want some rain so we can see for sure which way the cookie is going to crumble, so those complaining will shut the hell up, either with smug satisfaction, or the silence of humiliation.


March 22, 2008 - Posted by | f1

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